If we have learnt anything from the past year, it is that we need to be ready for the unexpected. Problem solving has become a major part of the advice we have provided clients during the pandemic.

These are some of the issues we can help you with:

  • Maximising pension contributions
  • Working from home
  • Off-payroll issues
  • Trivial benefits
  • Extracting company profits
  • Self-employed tax and NIC issues
  • Utilising COVID losses
  • Tax breaks for capital expenditure
  • Incorporating a property business
  • Making the most of digital accounting
  • Staying ahead of business challenges
  • Why tax planning is a sound investment
  • New business challenges in the post COVID era
  • Business exit challenges in the post COVID era
  • Creating multiple income streams

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Whatever the nature of your present business or personal financial issues, we can help.

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